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Serving Warren, OH and the surrounding areas

Serving Warren Since 1965

(Includes sauce and cheese)

Sandwiches can be made-to-order with a little creativity to suit anybody's taste.


Drop by our restaurant to enjoy artistically prepared sandwiches.

Quick and easy bites

When you're hungry, grab a quick bite with our assortment of delightful sandwiches to pacify your hunger. If don't have ample time on your hands, just grab a sandwich for the road!

Grab a Delightful Sandwich for the Road

Choice of lettuce, tomato, onion, and sour cream sauce


Meatball Sandwich


Hot Sausage Sandwich


(Includes green peppers, onion, cheese and sauce)

Gyros and Chicken Pitas


8-Inch Sandwiches


16-Inch Sandwiches


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Carmen's Pizza & Chicken's restaurant on 1861 Youngstown Rd.


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